Here are some curiosities with the Onsala Space Superconducting Gravimeter

The Geodesy Division of Lantmäteriet, around 10 participants, had an excursion to Onsala where they also visited the gravimeter lab. The blue text reads in Swedish
A - we are approaching [the gravimeter]
B - we are standing upright near the gravimeter
C - we are falling on our knees
D - we are rising
E - we are leaving the place
?? - who feels responsible?

This is a similar exercise, but now with 10 Danish students together with Carl-Christian Tscherning.

This was the most massive of recorded visits: SP Borås did it.

Astrophyscs and Earth Science class, RRY030 Masters program at Radio and Space. The visitors were divieded into two groups. The contest ended in a draw.