Geocenter movements due to air pressure

This page and the data holdings have changed on March 11, 1998.
Most notably, the time-series files specify displacement in metre now!

I offer the following three files,

Inverted Barometer (compressed /uncompressed)

Inverted Barometer with uniform ocean mass conservation (compressed /uncompressed)

No inverted Barometer (compressed /uncompressed)

containing time series of geocenter pressure terms from global barometric fields at 6h interval, starting September 1, 1993 and ending October 31, 1997.

 Since I am working on 3D atmospheric loading effects on GPS and VLBI sites, the geocentre data is some sort of crumbs falling from the table. Maybe it's of use to somebody out there.

 Here's a piece of the data:

#1   1993aug01:00 -4.1282E-04  1.0457E-03 -4.6525E-03
#2   1993aug01:06  2.8688E-04  1.9376E-03 -5.0550E-03
#3   1993aug01:12  7.7587E-07  1.6527E-04 -6.2781E-03
#4   1993aug01:18  1.7296E-03 -9.4549E-04 -3.3259E-03
#1   1993aug02:00  1.2103E-03  2.6716E-04 -1.6378E-03
#2   1993aug02:06  1.6207E-03  1.8919E-03 -2.7093E-03
#3   1993aug02:12  1.0761E-03  3.7270E-04 -4.7014E-03
#4   1993aug02:18  1.8955E-03 -5.0436E-04 -2.8204E-03
#1   1993aug03:00  1.6857E-03  5.8462E-04 -2.1739E-03
#2   1993aug03:06  1.6993E-03  2.2984E-03 -4.1259E-03
#3   1993aug03:12  8.1638E-04  9.9241E-04 -6.8638E-03
#4   1993aug03:18  1.5248E-03 -2.5788E-05 -5.1048E-03
#1   1993aug04:00  9.6848E-04  6.7200E-04 -3.9836E-03
#2   1993aug04:06  1.2893E-03  1.6268E-03 -5.2153E-03
       Y  M  D  H     z            x            y            

H = UT hour
z = positive toward north pole, 
x = positive toward zero longitude in equatorial plane, 
y = positive toward 90 longitude,
units = metre
The persistently increasing date order cannot be guaranteed;
use grep or a similar tool.

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