The AG and GAIN campaign of February 2015

The 2015-02 campaign with Hannover's FG5 resulted in a long series of projects that could not easily be sampled into one file.
The primary reason being that the starting second varied. So the solution was to sample each project separately
cd ../Allsmp
mc4campaigns -C 201502b -JA -DY -s AGSG_%Fb_%N-%P-%I-%O-%Z
-JA (jump file append mode) since we need to give each bias and slope a unique name

producing the source script mc4projects-<campaign
source mc4projects-<campaign>
cd ../Allcamps
tslist-mcapp -O d/ d/AGSG_201502??b_1P*.mc

make-urtap-ins -mc-from-list -C 201502b -with-drift -mc-from-list
since the jump files are associated with each partial campaigns' mc-file; they don't run the mc-file that spans the wide campaign.

Some amendments:
1) The project files did not contain decodable records for orientation.
Orientation: North
    I have edited in them manually.

2) Manual editing in campaigns.lst
see the lines for the wide campaign 201502b and for the partial campaigns 201502??b