How to analyze AG campaigns at the drop level and reduce microseismic perturbations

Prepare the seismograms

cd ~/Seismo/gcf
setenv LPUF 0.75
setenv LPLEN 96

foreach d ( `fromto 4 11` )
  gcf2ts-hourly -calibrated + -E guralp.tse,CMGT3AR -c z -10Hz -V AUTO -l 7200 ++ 3u93z2/201502${d}_0000z.gcf 24

If the gcf-files in 3u93z2 aren't there,

scpu -t tar.bz2 -u -z '2015020[4-9]*' ; scpu -t tar.bz2 -u -z '20150201[0-1]*'

Prepare the ~/TD/tmp/G1_g_<yymmdd>-1s.ts data

cd ~/TD
lpf-unbessel -GO -n 7 -N -o tmp -s 10 0.02 150204

Prepare until and through urtap stage. Use the low-pass filtered gravity series. The following instructions are for campaign 201106b

cd ~/TD
scgts4ag -upd 201106b -O a/Allsmp-s -SCG tmp/G1_g_%%%%%%-1s.ts -L NONE -sigma -n -S %.smp.tse \

agsmp2mc -O a/Allsmp-s -DY -o AGSG_201106b_s_%N-%P-%I-%O \
         a/Allsmp-s/A?_201106*.drop.smp \

(however, check first that the file name expression gives a list of all but only the drop files of the campaign).

cd a/Allsmp
mc4campaigns -DY -smpdir ../Allsmp-s -dt 5 -C 201106b

Iterate this:

cd a/Allcamps
urtapt @ urtap-201106b-mrg.ins > ! urtap-201106b-mrg.log

until all outliers are identified.

Copy the residual and uncertainties to a specific file:

cd ~/Seismo/gcf/AG
~/TD/a/Allcamps/o/scg-cal-201106b.ra.ts ~/TD/a/Allcamps/o/scg-cal-201106b.wr.ts d/ 
tslist ~/TD/a/Allcamps/d/ -LA+S -I -o d/scg-cal-201106b.dw.ts

Run the stages of the analysis using   xcorr-vs-time :

xcorr-vs-time NAG+STD+W+R+GO   -dur 3 201106b
xcorr-vs-time X+FIT+STD+W+R+GO -dur 3 201106b
xcorr-vs-time P+STD+W+R+GO     -dur 3 -u 201106b

Now you can feed back the seismograph series into the urtap analysis.

But do not replace the residual in ~/Seismo/gcf/AG/d with the new residuals!
urtap-<camp>-mrg.ins   contains a section where the file is declared and used:
29 < ~/Seismo/gcf/AG/d/ag4sub-<yymm><b>-#dts.ts

; @29 A=-1.0
CONT 31 O o/...

Uncomment the file command  @29 ...