Obtaining "Seismic channel" data from SCG - miniseed files

Three data banks exist:
  1. Pecos2 creating miniseeds on Utter, C:\Q330HR\OSO_2\
  2. Baler44
  3. Earthworm saving miniseeds on Shuttle,  /home/hgs/earthworm/mseedfiles/SG/OSO/ and .../mseedsafe/safeYYMMDD
We are using computer holt

Pecos2 creating miniseeds on Utter, C:\Q330HR\OSO_2\

cd ~/Seismo/mseed
# HOW TO convert what pecos2 produces:
scp HGS@'*.XL?' .
scp HGS@<####>SG.C01 .
mseed2sac DT0003__.XL3
Wrote 7679608 samples to SG.OSO..XL3.D.2016,074,20:12:17.SAC
Wrote 3877408 samples to SG.OSO..XL3.D.2016,078,08:28:11.SAC
Wrote 32640 samples to SG.OSO..XL3.D.2016,084,09:28:05.SAC
Wrote ...

# You notice that the mseed-file contained very different time periods
sac2asc < SG.OSO..XL3.D.2016,074,20:12:17.SAC \
        > SG.OSO..XL3.D.2016,074,20:12:17.asc  

tslist    SG.OSO..XL3.D.2016,074,20:12:17.asc -A'>SAC]' -k4 -z0.0,1.0 -Y-3.7203e7 -I \
       -o SG.OSO..XL3.D.2016,074,20:12:17.ts
# with mseed2ts:
mseed2ts -N -o SG.OSO.SG.HGN.D%.ts -tso -Un366000 DT0003__.XL3
# but this is dangerous (time- and space-consuming, or at least not what you might intend)
# because of the intermittent time-periods. In order to obtain specific stretches of data,
# either select from the .SAC's or use one of the alternatives following.

Convert Baler44 files to BIN ts

On utter:
# Use firefox to explore the archive: URL = -> data

cd Seisdata/baler
wget --mirror -w 2 \
On holt:
scpu Seisdata/baler/SG-OSO_4-20160219155101 .
mseed2sac SG-OSO_4-20160219155101

sac2asc < SG.OSO..HHE.D.2016,050,14:28:03.SAC \
        > SG.OSO..HHE.D.2016,050,14:28:03.asc

tslist    SG.OSO..HHE.D.2016,050,14:28:03.asc -A'>SAC]' -k4 -I  -Y-3.7203e7 -z0.0,1.0 \
       -o SG.OSO..HHE.D.2016,050,14:28:03.ts

# or with a super-script
mseed2ts -v -N SG-OSO_4-20160219155101
# mseed2sac reports:
Wrote 506725 samples to SG.OSO..HLZ.D.2016,050,14:27:09-1.SAC
Wrote 202063 samples to SG.OSO..BHZ.D.2016,050,14:27:34-1.SAC
Wrote 501874 samples to SG.OSO..HHZ.D.2016,050,14:28:04-1.SAC
Wrote 203864 samples to SG.OSO..BHE.D.2016,050,14:26:56-1.SAC
Wrote 505290 samples to SG.OSO..HHN.D.2016,050,14:27:39-1.SAC
Wrote 502521 samples to SG.OSO..HHE.D.2016,050,14:28:03-1.SAC
Wrote 500584 samples to SG.OSO..HLE.D.2016,050,14:28:02-1.SAC
Wrote 500584 samples to SG.OSO..HLN.D.2016,050,14:28:02-1.SAC
Wrote 202481 samples to SG.OSO..BHN.D.2016,050,14:27:30-1.SAC
Wrote 197760 samples to SG.OSO..BLN.D.2016,050,14:28:02-1.SAC
Wrote 197760 samples to SG.OSO..BLZ.D.2016,050,14:28:02-1.SAC
Wrote 197760 samples to SG.OSO..BLE.D.2016,050,14:28:02-1.SAC
Wrote 4755 samples to SG.OSO..LHZ.D.2016,050,14:26:08-1.SAC
Wrote 6489 samples to SG.OSO..LCQ.D.2016,050,13:10:04-1.SAC
Wrote 6489 samples to SG.OSO..LHN.D.2016,050,13:09:53-1.SAC
Wrote 6489 samples to SG.OSO..LLE.D.2016,050,13:10:02-1.SAC
Wrote 6489 samples to SG.OSO..LLZ.D.2016,050,13:10:07-1.SAC
Wrote 6489 samples to SG.OSO..LLN.D.2016,050,13:10:07-1.SAC
Wrote 6489 samples to SG.OSO..LCE.D.2016,050,13:10:48-1.SAC
Wrote 6489 samples to SG.OSO..AX0.D.2016,050,13:10:48-1.SAC
Wrote 6489 samples to SG.OSO..AX1.D.2016,050,13:10:48-1.SAC
Wrote 6489 samples to SG.OSO..AX2.D.2016,050,13:10:48-1.SAC
Wrote 6489 samples to SG.OSO..AX3.D.2016,050,13:10:48-1.SAC
Wrote 4153 samples to SG.OSO..LHE.D.2016,050,13:56:32-1.SAC
Wrote 3815 samples to SG.OSO..VHE.D.2016,050,04:37:04-1.SAC

Earthworm saving miniseeds on Shuttle, 

Directories /home/hgs/earthworm/mseedfiles/SG/OSO/ and .../mseedsafe/safeYYMMDD

# Log in on Shuttle to get an overview
cd earthworm/mseedfiles/SG/OSO
ls -lt
cd earthworm/mseedsafe/
find . -name '*BGN.2016.3??'
# If you don't find what you want, have a look at the archive on Elder
cd /cygdrive/d/Seisdata/earthworm/mseedfiles/SG/OSO
# cd Seisarchive/earthworm/mseedfiles/SG/OSO  using the symlink
# Back on holt:
cd ~/Seismo/mseed
mkdir SG.OSO.2016-06-26
scpm -d earthworm/mseedfiles/SG/OSO/ 'OSO.SG.SG.*.2016.178' SG.OSO.2016-06-26/
# alt. copy from Elder: (you are calling ./scpe !)
scpe -d Seisarchive/earthworm/mseedfiles/SG/OSO/ 'OSO.SG.SG.*.2016.178' SG.OSO.2016-06-26/
# There will be miniseed files like
# -rw-rw-r-- 1 hgs hgs  6138368 Jun 29 10:01 SG.OSO.2016-06-26/OSO.SG.SG.BGN.2016.178

# -rw-rw-r-- 1 hgs hgs 20238336 Jun 29 10:01 SG.OSO.2016-06-26/OSO.SG.SG.HGE.2016.178
# -rw-rw-r-- 1 hgs hgs 12416512 Jun 29 10:01 SG.OSO.2016-06-26/OSO.SG.SG.HGN.2016.178
# -rw-rw-r-- 1 hgs hgs 12426240 Jun 29 10:01 SG.OSO.2016-06-26/OSO.SG.SG.HGZ.2016.178
mseed2ts -D SG.OSO/ -N -o SG.OSO.HGE.%.ts -tso -Un366000 SG.OSO.2016-06-26/OSO.SG.SG.HGE.2016.178
mseed2ts -D SG.OSO/ -N -o SG.OSO.HGN.%.ts -tso -Un366000 SG.OSO.2016-06-26/OSO.SG.SG.HGN.2016.178
mseed2ts -D SG.OSO/ -N -o SG.OSO.HGZ.%.ts -tso -Un366000 SG.OSO.2016-06-26/OSO.SG.SG.HGZ.2016.178
# There will be ts-files like
# -rw-rw-r-- 1 hgs hgs 2928064 Jun 29 10:05 SG.OSO/2016-06-26/SG.OSO.HGE.2016:06:26:00:00:00.ts