HOW TO analyse tides with hydrology and non-tidal ocean loading

NB:   "ochy" stands for nontidal ocean and hydrology

The urtap ins-file for extended SCG tide analysis with ochy is ~/Ttide/SCG/urtap-openend-wwf-ochy.ins
There are more standard-like options though.

When new data is appended on the IGETS site  &  ,
check the most recent filenames and set
setenv ECCO1 OS931712
setenv ERAIN OS79176h
and download to

~/TD/jpb-hyd :
wget -O ~/TD/jpb-hyd/${ERAIN}-erain.hyd${ERAIN}.hyd
and produce 1-h data by Fourier interpolation:
tslist ~/TD/jpb-hyd/${ERAIN}-erain.hyd -a'20090614' -g'(i4,2i2,i3,t36,f10.0),GGP+]' \
       -BHc2009,6,15,12 -k1 -I -E ~/TD/jpb-hyd/fourint.tse,FI6 \
and likewise to

~/TD/jpb-oce :
wget -O ~/TD/jpb-oce/${ECCO1}-ecco1.oce${ECCO1}.oce
tslist ~/TD/jpb-oce/${ECCO1}-ecco1.oce -a'20090614' -g'(i4,2i2,i3,4x,f10.0),GGP+]' \
-k1 -I -r12. -E ~/TD/jpb-oce/fourint.tse,FI12 \
       -o ~/Ttide/SCG/ochy-it0/

Find out the end dates using tslp2d and set the earliest date; today (2017-09-23) it was ECCO1:
set ochy_endd = ( `tslp2d  -1 -, -k1 L ~/Ttide/SCG/ochy-it0/${ECCO1}-ecco1-1h.ts` )
Remove long-period tides from each:
cd ~/Ttide/SCG
setenv DNR $ECCO1
setenv DSRC ecco1
urtapt @ urtap-ochy-lpt.ins :U

setenv DNR $ERAIN
setenv DSRC erain
urtapt @ urtap-ochy-lpt.ins :U

SCG tide analysis

For the SCG analysis, there are a number of options depending upon which air pressure model is employed. In any case, the input data must be cut at $ochy-endd .
The script for the purpose is trim-ts4ins
The simplest atmosphere option is
local air pressure:
The model for the ins-file is urtap-openend-lap.ins and trim-ts4ins is to produce time series for  urtap-lap-ochy.ins
cd ~/Ttide/SCG

setenv URTAPFD 090615-OPNEND

setenv URTAPDT 1h
setenv IDIR d
setenv EXP2009 "t #30 ADECAY = ADEC"
Make a new, clean temp-dir
setenv TDIR tochy
mkdir -p $TDIR
rm -f $TDIR/*
trim-ts4ins -O $TDIR -T $ochy_endd -U '[256]. \^' -ED urtap-lap-ochy.ins
and issue the analysis job:
setenv IDIR $TDIR
urtapt @ urtap-lap-ochy.ins :U
A glimpse into the results:
tslq ocut/g090615-SLDEND-1h.ra.ts
 <Main-->>>           RMS-dev=   8.1432E+00 from column  1


more ocut/g090615-SLDEND-1h.prl
 ECCO 65 <o/OS931712-ecco1-1h-lpt.ra.ts>                    0.04896 +- 0.02229
    almost insignificant
 ERAI 66 <o/OS79176h-erain-1h-lpt.ra.ts>                    0.76945 +- 0.04267     highly significant; yet, not nearly 1.0
 BARO 67 <tochy/ -LB|V>                -3.40158 +- 0.00501     expected
 RIOS 68 <tochy/bp-rin-oso.ra-1h.ts>                        0.00310 +- 0.00031     probably o.k.
 POLX 69 <tochy/PMG090615-SLDEND-1h.ts -LP|X>              -0.17285 +- 0.01359     too big?
 POLI 70 <tochy/PMG090615-SLDEND-1h.ts -LP|I>               1.17550 +- 0.01273     almost perfect
An alternative is to use the full-signal files:
cd ~/Ttide/SCG/$IDIR
ln -s ~/Ttide/SCG/ochy-it0/OS*-1h.ts .
cd ~/Ttide/SCG
Edit the ins-file and swap commenting-out of the files on units 23 and 24
Preliminarily: good-bye!

A ts4openend job with directive TAX should recently have been run (e.g. under cron)

cd ~/Ttide/SCG

source urtap-openend-wwf-ochy.ins
trim-ts4ins  -O tmp-ochy -T $ochy_endd -U '[256]. \^' urtap-openend-wwf-ochy.ins
Look at the directory parameters in  urtap-openend-wwf-ochy.ins  and assign environment parameters:
setenv DD tmp-ochy
setenv ODIR tmp-ochy
urtapt @ urtap-openend-wwf-ochy.ins :U > ! logs/urtap-openend-wwf-ochy.log