HOW TO analyse running weekly urtap solutions

or a series of running chopped urtap solutions

The idea behind this is to test the robustness of estimated parameters as more and more data is coming in; for instance, does the drift model converge?


The working directory for running the analysis and the plot scripts is
Running weekly tide analysis solutions are automatically saved in

The notion of result types,  type1  type2  is presently inconsistent. We concieve of  type1 as the protocols (result sheets) above.
The significance is the representation (format) of the date of  analysis (and thus the end of the data window) in the file name.

type2 refers to experimental (re-processed) results.

Experimental results can be prepared with
which repeatedly calls cutts4urtap , extending the time window of a urtap job further and further.
The resulting protocols and residual time series are saved in ./scut
If the instruction file (assigned by cutts4urtap) is changed, the output directory should be moved
mv scut scut-your-choice

There are three scripts to plot the parameter evolution:
plot tide-evolution
For   plot-sol-evolution there is a file with legend text that relates to the different four-letter symbols signifying the time series in urtap's regression:
POLX Pol.Mot. cross-phase
POLI Pol.Mot. in-phase
BARO Local barometric admittance
ECCO Nontidal ocean
ERAI Hydrology
RIOS Kattegat sea level
Sa   Annual tide

plot-drift-evolution -type2 -title 'S@-a@- tide solved' -mark -cut -o ocut scut/*.prl

plot-tide-evolution -T 'Ssa Sta Mm Mf Mt' -title 'S@-a@- tide fixed at 1.16' -mark -cut-no-Sa -o ocut scut-no-Sa/

plot-sol-evolution -type2 -N 'POLI' -T Sa=ocut/Sa-evolamp-cut.dat -title 'S@-a@- tide solved' -mark -cut -o ocut scut/

where the file in expression  `Sa=ocut/Sa-evolamp-cut.datยด  has been produced by
plot-tide-evolution -T 'Sa Ssa Sta Mm Mf Mt' -title 'S@-a@- tide solved' -mark -cut -o ocut scut/