Export a big Fortran program

Let's use olfg.f as an example.
It calls a lot of subroutines, some from home-grown, some from pgplot and netcdf libraries.

There should be a HOW.TO file on how to change pgplot to improve keyboard and mouse input.

pgplot netcdf and grex will be taken up later.

Copy main program into a new catalog. Leave an upper floor for subroutines.
Copy all include-files (files, not links)

mkdir ~/Oload/afor/olfg4export
mkdir ~/Oload/afor/olfg4export/p
mkdir ~/Oload/afor/olfg4export/p/mpp

cd ~/Oload/afor/olfg4export/p/mpp
fcmd -m olfg-v2-2-2.f
grep -e '^ */home.*(.*\.o)' mpp/olfg-v2-2-2.l | sed 's|^  *||' > ! lib.list
sed 's/\(.*\)lib[^(]*.\([^)]*\).*/\1 \2/' lib.list | xargs -n2 cp

This will succeed to copy most of the files needed. Check the error messages nd manually locate the few missing files. The structure of the home-grown libraries has it that the lib*.a is located where the subroutines are.
What could escape the copy are include-files, some *.fi some *.fca. Check that you get an o-file for every f-file.