Dear Hans-Georg, Jim

here are some typos &c I discovered in the current version (bff.pdf)

p.4. Uplift -- Space geodesy and .. line 7: constrast -> contrast
p.4. 10 lines below previous: observatons -> observations
p.6. last paragraph, line 9: were -> where
p.9. site history line 4: Norrkoping -> Norrk/"oping
p.11. middle, first bulleted item:
... uplift differences in horizontal motions...
-> uplift differences in vertical motions...
p.11. next paragraph below the label "figure 5a":
... Olkiluoto, Konginkangas, and Romuvaara ...
-> ... Olkiluoto, Kivetty, and Romuvaara ...
p.14. line 10 from top: I a bootstrap ... -> In a bootstrap ...
p.17. in 3.2. Standard - contant -> constant
p.18. last lines before ch. 4., check the formulae, at least
pi -> /pi and log -> /log
p.23. at the end, add: FinnRef(R) is a registered trademark of
the Finnish Geodetic Institute.
p.26. Mäkinen, Koivula, Poutanen, Saaranen...
in a wrong place; additionally change the reference:
remove the word "Proceedings", and "Submitted to the proceedings".

Regards, Markku

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