The assembly of Mareograph data and supply to

 - weekly analysis

 - tide-press-plot

OSO instruments:

=> ~/wx/MAREO/  :
=> OSBBLM1_$yr-1h.ts  OSBBLM1_$yr-60s.ts    units: m
=> OSBBLM2_$yr-1h.ts  OSBBLM2_$yr-60s.ts
=> OSRADAR_$yr-1h.ts  OSRADAR_$yr-60s.ts
   where $yr is the current year. Earlier years are appended. Earliest start is

Older data:  (not added to any more)

=>  ~/wx/MAREO/
=> OSLVL-120929-140224-1h.ts    units: dm
=> OSLVL$yr.ts   (60s-data)     units: dm
   where $yr = 2012 2013 2014 2015

Ringhals and Göteborg:

~/SMHI/getsealevel   (wget and extraction of RINGHALS and GOTEBORG)
=> AUTO/
=> RINGHALS-2016-01-01-19.00.dat    GOTEBORG-2016-01-01-19.00.dat   units: cm
      (date and hour of download)
~/SMHI/auto-tgg    (concatenation of all 1h-data)
=>  o/
=>  tgg-rin-100301.ts   tgg-got-100301.ts   units: cm

For weekly Analysis:

1. From TGG to Bottom pressure

   see  ~/TD/ts4openend section  ## RINGHALS TGG BEGIN
=>  d/bp-rin-100202-OPNEND-1h.ts   units: hPa
=>  d/bp-oso-130901-OPNEND-1h.ts   units: hPa

2. Residual series

urtapt @ urtap-bubbler.ins :B  >! urtap-bubbler.log
urtapt @ urtap-ringhals.ins :R >! urtap-ringhals.log
   concatenation with tslist append
=> ~/Ttide/SCG/d/bp-rin-oso.ra-1h.ts


tslist ~/wx/MAREO/OSBBLM2_$thisy-1h.ts -I -qq -S100 -Bc$bd -o ...
       ($thisy = this year)
=>  ~/TD/SCG_MONITOR/tgg-oso.ts