Utter: Get everything started

Your input and responses are shown in bold dark-red
Screen text on terminals is shown in fixed-width characters.
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  1. There are two network cards installed. The one connecting to the local network (192.168.0.*) identifies itself in Windows as "Anslutning till lokalt nätverk 2". There is little chance that the SCG scripts hook on to the public network (129.16.208.*). To be on the safe side, deactivate the "nätverk 2", and reboot.
  2. If you communicate with Utter over VCN, remember that everytime you switch "nätverk 2" off or on, the VCN connection will close. Reconnect.
  3. You will have to start the SCG scripts first, then Scream!, then Earthworm, and finally after reactivating "nätverk 2", the Kinemetrics Q330 programs.
After reboot...

1. SCG scripts
Start Cygwin64 Terminal
$ . sx
$ . st
$ . st
In one of the xterms,
$ tcsh
U[HGS]~> source minipath
U[HGS]~> cd perlproc/SCG
U[HGS]~/perlproc/SCG> sync-monitor
U[HGS]~/perlproc/SCG> delgap
and if there are long gaps, issue
U[HGS]~/perlproc/SCG> delgap do
and anyway:
U[HGS]~/perlproc/SCG> source START
If  Nätverk 2 is active, SCG-accu-agent.pl will abort.
Since the other pocesses will clutter the screen, go to the other window and verify the program status using
$ cat perlproc/SCG/SCG-accu-agent.status
If that prints SCG-accu-agent.pl has aborted , then
deactivate  Nätverk 2  (Nätverks- och delningscenter -> ändra inställningr för nätverkskort)  and launch
U[HGS]~/perlproc/SCG> SCG-accu-agent.pl -q monitor
If the problem persists, reboot and start all over again. Else...

Leave this xterm for itself from now on.

In the other xterm,
$ tcsh
U[HGS]~> elder
In the new xterm
$ tcsh
E[HGS]~> source minipath
E[HGS]~> cd perlproc/SCG
E[HGS]~/perlproc/SCG> STOP RFMT
and wait until the stop process has completed
E[HGS]~/perlproc/SCG> exit
$ exit
xterm disappears (if not, you can kill it).
U[HGS]~> holt
In the new xterm
hgs@holt ~ $ tcsh
h[hgs]~> cd perlproc
and wait until the stop process has completed
h[hgs]~> source START
Leave this xterm for itself from now on.

2. Scream!
Double-click on the Scream 4.4 icon

3. Earthworm

U[HGS]~> shuttle
In the new xterm
hgs@hgs-mini ~ $ tcsh
m[hgs]~> cd earthworm/run/tankfiles
m[hgs]~/earthworm/run/tankfiles> mv SG-OSO-* mysave/
m[hgs]~> cd ..
m[hgs]~/earthworm/run> startstop
Leave this xterm for itself from now on.

4. Kinemetrics
Activate "nätverk 2"
Open filemanager and navigate to C:\Users\HGS\Q330HR-NEW
Double-click on Willard and register
Double-click on Pecos2 and START