Man page for  agsmp2mc

            agsmp2mc [opt] -o <fnroot> <ag-smp-file> [<ag-smp-file>...]

            Collects ag-sample files (from ~/TD/scgts4ag) and converts

            them to a three-column MC-file: AG|VAL AG|SIG SG|VAL
            The names of ag-sample files end in .drop.smp
            New: We keep a memory of the kind of data that went into
                 the MC-file
                     AG+VAL<$mark> and SG+VAL.<L2>
                 where $mark is taken from the -M option
                 and <L2> is the second label word of the data
                 that was resampled in scgts4ag (it's written
                 into the first line of the smp-file, e.g. '> BRES';
                 it depends upon what you supplied with the -L option
                 in scgts4ag; perhaps it's just a '> B'; the unreduced
                 data should have an empty $mark and <L2> = 'V'

            With a drift option, a fourth column SGD+<dvar> is added.
            With the -upd option, more drift columns can be added.

            Creates "jump"-files, i.e. a file with urtap Jump and Slope
            commands for the set of sample files, destination
            For the reference platform, only a slope command, for the
            other platforms a '%' (bias+slope) command will be issued.

            Appends to ../Allcamps/mc-files.lst:
            %F <campaign>
            The reference platform is AA (hard-wired).
            The platform is decoded from the smp-file names, sed [_/](..)_.*

 -t        - Don't process, only show commands (and problems) that would
             be created.

 -upd      - Update an existing mc-file, adding another drift column.

 -RMT      - slope command to urtap is `/´
 -J        - Only produce the jump sets.
 -JM       - NOT IMPLEMENTED: Name jump files like -o mc-files, adding `-jump.dat'
             instead of `.mc'. (There are no jumps to be solved within
             a single project, and a slope would be global - no timing necessary.)'

 -JA       - Append to jump file
 -o fnroot - File name root: everything before -<dt>.mc
             Default: AGSG-%D-%I-%P
             The name may contain template markers that will be replaced
             with project parameters:
             template     meaning           ( 'Search string in project file' )
               %D    - start date
               %S    - sub-campaign, the last character of <campaign>
               %C    - Campaign name
               %I    - instrument ID        ( 'Meter S/N:' )
               %P    - platform ID          ( '^Name:' )
               %O    - Orientation's first
                       character, N or S    ( toupper() ~ "ORIENT" )
               %N    - number of concatenated projects + `P´
               %M    - input file name substring between last `_´ and `.drop.smp´
               %L    - input file name last char before `.drop.smp´
               %Z    - project file's last character before `.project.txt´
 -T        - critically request template replacement.
             Prompt for missing information.
             Default: ignore missing but keep the %-codes in the file name.
 -S        - Include "Onsala" in platform ID where it's missing
             (String "Onsala" is hard-wired).
             Default: delete "Onsala"
 -M mark   - additional markup in the mc-file name, a short text string.

 -O odir   - Output directory for the mc-files, default = ./

 -C name   - campaign name, default = n.n.
             (used e.g. for naming jump file:  odir/name-jumps.dat ,
             a file that make-urtap-ins will explore)

 -DS | -DY - include SG-drift, either from sampling the
             SCG-ph04 file (-DS)
             or using the parametric expressions (-DY)
             The program that creates the drift files must have
             been called before; it is here:
 -DY dvar  - drift column will be labeled `label SGD,dvar`
             Defaults for dvar :
                Case -DS : SGTS
                Case -DY : SYNT

 -DD ddir  - the directory where the drift files are stored
             Default = ../Allcamps/d/

 -rp       - Append the problem report agspmp2mc.problems .
             Default is to start a new one.

 -dt dt    - Replaces the auto-detected sampling interval
             (auto = detected from .drop.smp-files).


   Two files concatenated after  scgts4ag -S -O a/Allsmp a/Alldrops/*.drop.txt
   Check  a/Allsmp/files.lst  first column.
          agsmp2mc -o a/Allsmp/AGSG_20130424a-%N-%P-%I-%O   a/Allsmp/Onsala_AA_2013042*.drop.smp
   In the following example we want to compare reduced data from the AG and the SCG
          scgts4ag -O a/Allsmp -S - -L 'G|B' -u -3900 -M .red -C G_red a/Alldrops/AA_2009Nov06a.drop.txt
          agsmp2mc -o a/Allsmp/AGSG.red_20091106a-%N-%I-%P-%O -M .red a/Allsmp/

   The following processes un-besseled data and adds a drift column using the parametric method
   (obs! agsmp2mc.log is written to within script)
     agsmp2mc -GO -C 201502b -O a/Allsmp-s -DY -o AGSG_201502b_s_%N-%P-%I-%O \
              a/Allsmp-s/A?_20150204*.drop.smp a/Allsmp-s/A?_20150205*.drop.smp \
              a/Allsmp-s/A?_20150206*.drop.smp a/Allsmp-s/A?_20150207*.drop.smp \
              a/Allsmp-s/A?_20150209*.drop.smp a/Allsmp-s/A?_2015021*.drop.smp >!
   This is for adding a drift column:
-GO -rp -dt 5 -C 201405b  -O ../Allcamps/d/ -o AGSG_201405b_%I \ 
                   -upd -DY DSYN -DD ../Allcamps/d/DSYN/ ../Allsmp-s/AA_20140529b_N.drop.smp ...