cd /home/HGS/Tidedata
   cp-from-sg [options] { month | prev } [day-expression [day-expression ...]]
   cd /home/HGS/Tidedata; cp-from-sg -X prev

If there is no archiv disk:
   cd /home/HGS/Tidedata; cp-from-sg -C -t Z prev

This program is installed on machine elder under /home/HGS/Tidedata
It is not in the path at HGS wake-up!

In the most simple form, the command copies all data types of the previous month from RAW DAY and MON on machine
brimer, bzip2's the RAW files, and copies the bunch to the archive. The scope of the RAW data will be extended to the
first day of the current month. Therefore, this script should be run in this form not before the second day of a month.

For a specific month, month  must be given as an integer, 1...12. Extension of RAW to the first day of the following month
will be attempted.

In the version with specified day-expressions, the scope is limited to RAW files.


 -y year         - year is the target year given as a two-digit integer             [actual year]

 -d 'ty ty ..'   - ty  is the two-letter designation of data types RAW and DAY,
'A1 A2' or 'A? L?' etc.                                            ['??']

 -D exclude      - a string that may contain R M and/or D to exclude RAW, MON
                   and/or DAY files                                                           [-]

 -R -M -D        - to exclude one of RAW MON and DAY                               [all included]

 -t archivetasks - a string that may contain A (archive) and/or Z (bzip2).
                   Specify N to skip both tasks                                              [AZ]

-X              - carry out all the tasks                               [only echo the commands]
 -A              - skip all but the archive tasks, echo the other commands
 -C              - scp and skip the archive task but echo the commands


When day expressions are  specified, the scope of operations is limited to RAW data. No automatic day extension will occur.
The expressions are to be understood by the file globbing mechanism, e.g.  '01' '0[1-9]' '1?' '[1-2]?'

Data is collected in two trees.
On the C-disk under  /home/HGS/Tidedata (Cygwin) = C:\cygwin\home\hgs\Tidedata (WIN)
2009o054 2010o054 ...

On the external archive disk  /cygdrive/e/Tidedata/GWR_o054 (Cygwin) = E:\Tidedata\GWR_o054 (WIN)
2009o054 2010o054 ...

Symbolic link  /home/HGS/Tidearchive  points to  /cygdrive/e/Tidedata/GWR_o054