Man page for  final-analysis

            final-analysis [options] <campaign>

             The final AG/SG analysis: go through each project of
             a campaign and report the mean of the set means

  -N            - start a new collection ${diri}/final-results.tsf
  -S            - save results from this run in the collection
  -I input-dir  - Take the results from  produce-ag 
                  ( autoset.tse  specifies this directory )
  -add value    - A constant to add to results, since we neglect
                  the permanent tide
                  a permanent atmosphere remainder
                  and, anyway, the SCG is no absolute instrument.
 For a plot with psxy, pipe the resulting .dat files as follows
       cat tsfo/final-200907a.dat | jdc -i1,0,26,53 -F:i4,2i3,i4,2i3 -mb -k3 -Dy


       produce-ag -weighted-means -results -with-slopes $campaigns
       touch final-results.tsf

       cat <<EOF >! final-201004a.tse
       OPEN 32 A final-results.tsf

       project-times2tse \
              -C 'AUTOSLMEAN U=32' \
              -C+ '${FFMT:[+TSF]} ->W ${WOPT} G=${GOPT:[1000.]} ' \
              -A -o final 201004a
   produces a tsfedit-block  final-201004a.tse  with target  FINAL

       tslist tsfo/ \

              -LG -LG -C3 -I -E final-201004a.tse,F
   For further analysis:
   e.g. setenv FFMT +AG
   The output file of type FFMT = +AG from AUTOSLMEAN
   is a set-file (almost!). It must get a header and be called
   <name>.set.txt . Here's how you do:

       cat <<EOF  >! $name.set.txt
       Source Data Filename: $name.set.txt

       Header line 2

       Header line 3
       Header line 4
       cat $name.dat >> $name.set.txt
   (NOTE the extra character in the "Source.." line! Emacs shows a lozenge ยค)
   Then you can play with Allsets/ag-set-wmean (
   If you care to code up a permanent header writer, line 4
   ought to describe the columns. wants this information.