File /home/hgs/Oload/p/getolrec.f

Executive call:

      subroutine get_ol_rec (iun,opt,site,monu,xlon,ylat,z
     &,                      sitel,cf,cc,*)

Purpose:   Input an ocean loading record for a specific site

IUN   - integer - file unit number

SITE  - char*8 - name
MONU  - char*6 - monument number
XLON  - real*4 - site location, longitude
YLAT  - real*4 - ..., latitude (deg)
SITEL - char*48- site long name
CF    - char*77 - comment concerning program(mer)
CC    - char*77 - comment concerning data history

OPT   - char**  - search options (first encounter)
                 ' '- (empty) take next record
                  S - find by SITE (name).
                  U - like S, do UpperCase on names first.
                  M - find by MONUment number.
                  T - find by SITE .OR. MONU.
                  V - like T, do UpperCase on names first.
                 SM - find by SITE .AND. MONU.
              X Y P - find by coordinates less then ACCuracy (deg)
                      X - longitude, Y - latitude, P - both (by distance)
                      CALL Get_Ol_LocAcc (ACCuracy) to redefine value.

                  O - Same TANG orientation between file and Z(.,.)
                      (which is the unusual case !)
                  E - Suppress EOF-Warning

                  search option: best
                  C - find by closest distance to xlon,ylat, min ACC
                      CALL Get_Ol_LocAcc (ACCuracy) to redefine value.

                  Additional options after a colon: (under construction)
                 +P - extended printing (under construction)

Z(11,3) - complex - Returned: load coeff for tide 1..11, components
                    Rad, West, South  or
                    Rad, East, North  if 'O' in OPT

Executive call:

      subroutine put_ol_rec (iun,opt,site,monu,xlon,ylat,z
     &,                      sitel,cf,cc)

Purpose:   Output an ocean loading record for a specific site

OPT     - char*1  - O - give file data Rad,East,North orientiation.

Other parameters have the same meaning as above.

Parameter setting entries:

Call get_ol_locacc (acc)

ACC     - real    - Site location accuracy with OPT={C|P|X|Y} (deg)    [0.01]

Call put_ol_orient (qq)

QQ      - logical - .true. with OPT='O..' - suppress messages about
                    changed orientation.

Call put_ol_phacut (angle)

ANGLE   - real    - Phase values in file; phase circle is
                    cut at the specified angle                        [180.0]

Call put_ol_ampfac (ampfac)    Call get_ol_ampfac (ampfac)

AMPFAC  - real    - File is written with amplitudes multiplied
                    by ampfac                                           [1.0]

Call put_ol_comps (n_components,string)

Purpose: Set option to write 1 or 3 components
N_COMPONENTS - integer - number of components (1 or 3),
                         specifying 2 will result in 3                    [3]
STRING       - char**  - text string like 'RADI TANG'                   [' ']

Call put_ol_mti (n_tides) 

Purpose: Define table width (number of tides)
N_TIDE       - integer - 1 to 11 tides                                   [11]