kbmlw [options]

          Kaiser-Bessel window spectrum:
          Find the lobe width at a given attenuation.
          Uses a sinh-approximation, see Werner et al., 2003:
          IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation, 51:7, 1468-.
          or Harris 1978: Proc. IEEE, 66:1, 51–83.

Problem parameters:
  -w#w    - full duration in sample units         [1024.0d0]
  -p#p    - design parameter                           [2.5]
  -a#a    - requested attenuation                  [sqrt(2)]
 -dB#a    - .. in dB                                    [-3]

Iteration parameters:

  -e#eps  - allowed iteration error                  [1.d-5]
  -n#max  - maximum number of iterations               [100]
  -s#s    - starting point                           [1.d-5]
            The program tries to bracket the first
            level passage by stepping from #s with
            successive increments of #s.
  -v      - monitor iteration                        [don't]


kbmlw -p3.5 -s1.d-7 -dB-120
 <SKaiBe>>> Full width, design p.:     1024.0   3.500
 <SKaibe>>> Set point attenuation:    0.00000
 <SKaibe>>> Main lobe height:       382.44082
 <Main-->>> Kaiser-Bssel window: Full width, design p.:   1024.00    3.5000
 <Main-->>> Converged after    12 iterations
 <Main-->>> Attenuation requested           :     1.00000E-06 -120.00 dB
 <Main-->>>             located             :     9.83909E-07 -120.14 dB at:
 <Main-->>> Main-lobe width, fraction of 2pi:     1.18992E-02
 <Main-->>> Main-lobe width,   spectral bins:    24.36954
 <Main-->>> Main-lobe width/2, spectral bins:    12.18477

MAIN:  ~/sas/p/m/kbmlw.f
SUBR.: ~/sas/p/kbmainlobe.f