Man page for  make-drift-tsf

           make-drift-tsf [options] [<drop.smp.tse-file> [<drop.smp.tse-file> ...] ]

              Using the sample files (default: *.drop.smp.tse ),
              this script creates tsf-files sampling the drift
              model of the SCG. Optionally in two sets:
              One set will be based on the solved signal
              from ~/Ttide/SCG/o/g100202-OPNEND-1h.ph04.ts
              A second set evaluates the model given in
              the TSF EDIT section inside this very script
              This script should be launched from the same
              directory where the smp.tse files are stored,
              which is ~/TD/a/Allsmp/
              For this reason the script is residing there,
              not in (and no symlink to)
 -O <odir>     - output directory, default = ../Allcamps/d/
 -DD <odir>    - (indentical to -O)
 -D[S][Y]      - S: produce SCG-drift.tsf
                 Y: produce syn-drift.tse
                 Default is both.
 -CY           - check whether drift file suits the date range
                  (is slow; default = don't check).    

-from <file>  - Sample from file Allcamps/d/<file>
                 Default: synth-drift.ts
          TD/a/Allcamps/d/synth-drift.ts (or the -from <file> )
            - case -DY : A drift file (sampling interval 1h recommended)
              created with tslist from one of the TSF EDIT segments
              included in this script. For info on command lines, issue
             $ fgrep 'tslist _' make-drift-tsf
              To bind a particular version to this script and in order to
              ascertain consistency in the sequel, create a symlink
             $ cd Allcamps/d
             $ ln -s synth-drift-<version>.ts `pwd`/synth-drift.ts
              else use the -from option

             where <fn-part> is copied from the smp-file name
             except path and trailing `.drop.smp.tse'
             (Notice: this is not compatible with set-files;
             At some point we shall have AG set-averaged
             SCG-data. We prefer to work on the drop level yet.)

             make-drift-tsf -DD ./ -DSY Onsala_??_201106*.drop.smp.tse

             make-drift-tsf -DY -from synth-drift-expf.ts -CY \
                            -O ../Allcamps/d/EXPF/ `the-dropfiles -d ../Allsmp-s -x .smp.tse $c`

      most routinously:
             make-drift-tsf -DY *200907*.drop.smp.tse