(1) make-pef-noise -like <ts-file> [-again] [#n,]#seed[,<type>] #pef-order [ tslist-options ]

            (2) make-pef-noise #n,#seed[,<type>] #pef-order [ tslist-options ]

            Creates PEF-noise using a PEF of order #pef-order from a filter bank.
            The input noise is generated with
#seed[,<type>] where G is the default type.
            Default TSF EDIT commands for PEF convolution are contained in this script,
               tslist ... -E $TSFEDIT_PEFNOISE ... with default $0,PEFNOISE
            If you want to code your own alternative, take note
            if this code; make use of the environment parameter
            The default commands are:
            PREDF U=22 F=${PEFBANK:[o/g100202-OPNEND-1h-new-wwf.ra.pef]} L=${NPEF} O=R SAVE
            IIR APPLY

            With  -like <ts-file>
            analyses the ts-file and derives PEF's with sasm03.
            Stores them in subdir tmp/
            With  -like <ts-file> -again
            or    -again <ts-file>
            skips the sasm03 step.
            Defaults are set for tslist options -B -U and -r
            to match the model ts-file.
   PEFBANK           - The PEF-bank file,
                       default: ~/Ttide/SCG/o/g100202-OPNEND-1h-new-wwf.ra.pef
   TSFEDIT_PEFNOISE  - The filename,target of the tsf-edit block
                       default = This-script,PEFNOISE


       (1)  make-pef-noise -like tmp-ochy/g090615-OPNEND-1h-ochy-wwf.ra.ts 4 32 -S3.29622 \
                           -o tmp/noisetest.ts
            # uses a scale factor to match the input RMS.
            # A suggestion for a scale factor is issued in the printout of this script. 
       (2)  make-pef-noise 55000,5 128 -o tmp/pefn-128.ts
            #   uses the defaults -B2010,02,02 -r1.0