Man page for  make-urtap-ins

           make-urtap-ins [-C <campaign>] [-with-drift] [-with-offset] [-include <s>]


           With a specific campaign: if there is no file d/<campaign>-jumps.dat
           needs records  #M <campaign> NML:idate=yyyy,mm,dd OPN:<MC-file>
           ( MC-file just the name, not the path since d/ is still hard-wired )
           else produces one urtap-<campaign>.ins file for every d/<campaign>-jumps.dat
           where we assume that globbing d/*-jumps.dat returns the same
           campaign names as those looked up in the campaigns.lst (after records %C)

           The jump-dat files are produced by ../Allsmp/agsmp2mc
           (eventually under ../Allsmp/mc4campaigns)

 -for-merge     - A variant of urtap.ins files is written:
                  that prepares storing of cdmp-files that will be
                  combined, "merged", by urtapm further on.
                  There are two alternatives to handle the drift:
                  (1) subtract the drift here
                      - specify an option -with-drift... ;
the cdmp file will be marked with
, the lower-case version of the
                        indentifying string of the
drift-variant dvar.
                  (2) estimate a long-term admittance in the merged urtap job.
                        the cdmp-file being neutral to the drift variant
                        will not be marked.

 -cn n          - A running number or letter, one character, identifying the
                  campaign's slopes in order to make channel symbols unique.
                  Default is O 
                  A slope symbol is composed of SL + n + i , e.g. SLj3 ,
                  where i is the running number of the project in campaign n

 -f             - Normally, there is one contiguous project sequence ...
 -mc-from-list    ... in a campaign. agsmp2mc writes a note in the jump file
                  concerning the first date and the name of the mc-file, the
                  latter being unique to the campaign.
                  In a split-job ( mc4campaigns -s -JA ) there will be
                  a set of mc-files and one jump file.
                  Now, if these mc-files are to be combined again
                  for input to a calibration job, the mc-file name
                  will be a different one than the one in the jump file.
                  We have  Allcamps/mc-file.lst  for this purpose.

                  The -f option guides this script to mc-file.lst
                  The starting day will be looked up with tslq 
                  urtapt detects outliers either in the raw residual
                  or in the filtered/weighted residual (the one
                  that the least-squares solution left behind).
                  The "raw" residual is prediction minus model.
                  There can be bad outliers with very big error bars.
                  They don't perturb the solution, but they
                  perturb the optics when the resiudal is plotted.
                  A hint: generate the urtap.ins-file with
                  -outliers-from-raw, cycle urtap a few times until
                  the outlier count is small, then change the namelist
                  parameter to   q_outliers_filtered=.true.
 -keep-outliers - Leaves the old scg-cal-<campaign><mrk><dmrk>.tse file intact.
 -include <s>   - The symbols
                  /  for slope
                  =  for bias
                  %  for slope-with-bias
                  designating what signals from the d/<campaign>-jump.dat
                  files are to be included in the design matrix
                  (viz. the Tide Bands block. Default is all of that what
                  mc4campaigns (agsmp2mc) has prepared.
 -with-drift    - If the tasks of agsmp2mc have included -D{S|Y}, the
                  mc-file will contain a column with the sampled drift of
                  the SCG. This option equips the ins-file with instructions
                  to reduce the SCG observations with the drift.

 -with-drift-var <dvar>
                - The default label for drift retrieval is S|D , dvar = D
                  Specify dvar to select another column of the mc-input file.
                  See again the -for-merge option.

 -with-offset   - Without this option, a campaign offset will NOT be included
                  in the predicted bias-and-slope file (scg-cal-<campaign>.ph01.ts).
                  However, this series will only be tied to the reference monument
                  (AA) if the boxcar commands for obervations on this monument
                  have been given as '/', not the usual '%'.
                  For this porpose agsmp2mc is invoked with the option
                  -RMT (Reference Monument Tied; also available in mc4campaigns)

                - With offset, a campaign-wide bias will be estimated and included
                  in the bias-and-slope file. Thus, the average offset will be
                  tied to the AG-measurements and no constraints due to a
                  reference pillar are imposed.
                  If the boxcar commands are '/' for observations on AA,
                  then an average offset of these will result.
                  For obtaining average offsets for observations on each
                  monument, the boxcar commands must be split up into
                  biases by monument and slopes by project. Handwork is
                  required, options may become available.

-mark-files <m> - Some file names will be marked -m (obs! don't code the leading minus)
                  Protocol: ${outdir}scg-cal-$cname-$m[-mrg].prl
                  ts-files: ${outdir}scg-cal-$cname-$m.[...].ts
                  tse-file for outliers, dump-file (.cdmp), evs-file.

   set i=2
   set c=$campaigns[$i]
   set mark = ( a b c
... )

   make-urtap-ins -f -for-merge -cn $mark[$i] -C $c -with-drift-var DWWF -keep-outliers

                   creates urtap-200911a-mrg.ins for a solution
                   without subtracting (let alone solve admittance of )
                   a drift series. Some specific lines generated:
17 < t/urtap-200911a.cdmp 
 tsfile_names='o/scg-cal-200911a '
#21 L:S|V = SCG

   make-urtap-ins -f -for-merge -cn $mark[$i] -C $c -keep-outliers

                   creates urtap-200911a-dwwf-mrg.ins for a solution
                   where drift has been subtracted.
Some specific lines generated:
17 < t/urtap-200911a-dwwf.cdmp
 tsfile_names='o/scg-cal-200911a-dwwf '
#21 L:S|V E:SUB] = SCG
@21 L=S|DWWF A=-1.0