MC-files = Multi-Component binary TS-files: Labels

A label has a fixed length of 16 characters
It may consist of individual (though short) words. Often times just two words
Instead of blank space we use underscore

To generate a label you may use

label ABC,DEF

Retrieving a labeled segment in a Fortran program

To retrieve a labeled column, you locate the label in the file and input the data:
       if ( loc_getts_mc (iun, QUERY) .eq. 0 ) call getts (iun, x, n, nsk, t0, dt)

Here, the string QUERY may test the beginning if the words in the label, e.g.
      QUERY = 'A|D'    
(alt.: QUERY = 'A+D')
will successfully locate the label ABC__________DEF

To retrieve the entire label, add a command
      call gettsn_mc (iun, n, LABEL)

In a file, if a segment occurs not in the order you need to retrieve it, you must rewind the file:
      QUERY = 'A|D],Rwd'     (alt.: QUERY = 'A+D],Rwd')
(Note the delimiter `] , (but the comma is not essential))

Specifying options (e.g. to tslist) or parameters in e.g. tsfedit file processing commands:

tslist file -L'str' ...
tslist file -L'stra|strb'
tslist file -L'stra|strb' -L'strc|strd],Rwd' ...
tslist file -Lstra+strb ...
tslist file -Lstra+strb -Lstrc+strd],Rwd ...
Consider -l for case-sensitive search. Note that strings containing `| must be quoted to avoid shell's interpretation.
There is `+ as a more convenient alternative.
OPEN 21 ^
OPEN 22 ^
21, 'BIN]',-99999.0,'L:str', 0,   0,  'N', -1.d0  DC-
22, 'BIN]',-99999.0,'L:stra|strb', 0,   0,  'N', -1.d0  DC-
or, with `+ as the delimiter
22, 'BIN]',-99999.0,'L:stra+strb', 0,   0,  'N', -1.d0  DC-

Return codes

loc_getts_mc has return codes
0 - located
1 - EOF encountered
2 - ERR encountered