Man page for  scgts4ag

            scgts4ag [-O <dest-dir>] [options] { set-file | drop-files... }

            Prepares 1s SCG data suitable for sampling at drop times.

            Output file name is derived from label and date, e.g. G_V_091106-1s.ts
            Optionally produces the sampled AG+SCG tsf-files, the .smp-files.         
            The path/name of a .smp file will be:
            where dfbn = `basename drop-file .txt`
            Default mark = <empty> ; use the -M option to define one.
            Production of MC-files is not included since you might want
            to concatenate some .smp-files. Consider ~/TD/agsmp2mc
            A catalog dest-dir/files.lst (~/TD/a/Allsmp/files.lst) is maintained:
            <smp-file> <ag-file> = <AG-file(resolved link)> <SCG-file> <Julian-start>
            You ought to keep a backup-copy.
            This script should be issued from ~/TD

-no-prompt | -GO    - avoid a few pauses

  {-new|-old|-upd} <campaign>
                      - is compulsory, introducing a campaign name.
                        -new - ..
                        -upd - currently no difference, backup existing ${odir}files.lst
                        -old - don't change ${odir}files.lst

  -always-enough      - By default, projects must have a duration of 1/2 day
at least.
                        The test can be by-passed with this option.

  -O dest-dir         - destination directory, `/´ will be appended

                        Default: ./o/  Is significant for the -S option,
                        so the -O option should be given early.
                        Usually: -O a/Allsmp

  -ts outf-template   - Template for the BIN-ts output file name,
                        Default is  ${fnb}_${mrk}_%-1s.ts , where
                        fnb = label  part-1  of the SCG input file,
                        mrk = label  part-2
                        `%L´  will be replaced by the label  part-1_part-2
                        `%´   will be replaced by the project's start date.

  -M mark             - Your choice, adding a short string to the ASCII-file names.
                        Consider a first letter to make it read easy, like -abcd

  -S { - | tse-file } - Do the sampling stage. By default, only the SCG data

                        retrieval is carried out. If the sampling command file
                        (the tse-file) is given, the name will be prepended
                        with the dest-dir path; therefore: Don't specify a path here.
                        A `%´ character will be replaced with the drop-file basename
                        (`.txt´ is cut away):
                        Sampling result:
                        If drop file name = a/b/AS_2010Apr18a.drop.txt
                        and dest-dir      = c/d
                        then the file that is produced is
                        By default, mark = <empty>. To define one, use
                        -M mark
                        The tse-file can be re-used in a tslist invocation;
                        then the name of the result file for the sampling process
                        must be set in the environment, parameter SMPRESULT,
                        else the default ./tmp.smp  will be in effect.
                        Default tse-file: ./tmp/smp.tse

  -T #offs            - under -S
                        Offset the sample time by #offs seconds (integer).
                is called with  -T #offs  instead of  -S
The resulting tse-file will have records
                        SAMPLE O=
#offs At ....
                        If offset changes, process one project at a time!

  -sigma              - Select column "Sigma" for weighting.
                        Default = "Error"  (!)  
  -E tse-file,trg     - a tsfedit file for filtering (please no decimation!)

                        Default: ~/TD/deci.tse,F30
                        The purpose is to mitigate microseismic noise in the SG.
  -E NONE             - assume that SCG-file is already filtered for microseisms.
  -d dt-mark          - the time-interval part of the file name if
                        decimation is necessary.
                        Default = -1s for no decimation
. Implemented?
  -Ed tse-file,trg dt-mark 
                      - combines options
-E -d
  -SCG inf-template   - template for path and name of the SCG mc-files (input).
                        Default: ~/TD/d/
                        Must contain six %'s as a wildcard for the date YYMMDD

  -L label            - The label for the SCG-data from G1_garb -files

                        Default: 'G|V'
             - ... if the files are unlabeled.

               - "input low-passed data",
                        combines the options -SCG -L NONE ~/TD/tmp/G1_g_%%%%%%-1s.ts  

  -U                  - Use this option if SCG data is in Volt.
                        Default is to restore to original Volt values.
                        Hard-wired value: -774.421 nm/s^2/V ( applied as -SO/$scale )

  -u #add             - Similar to -U ; in addition this option supplies a constant
                        that is added to the sampled SCG series.
  -C component        - The component of the AG-files (string in table-head)
                        Default: G_inst  (the special "instantaneous" g-value)
  -f                  - force recalculation of SCG-files (with tslapp / tslist)
  -t                  - "Test", don't produce anything, only show the commands
                        that would be issued (with -n produce a new files.lst
  -n                  - create a new file catalog dest-dir/file.lst from scratch.
                        If you want to create a new files.lst without sampling,
                        combine  -t -n

  -fl newfiles.lst    - catalog to this file instead   [files.lst]
         cd ~/TD
         scgts4ag -O a/Allsmp -sigma -S - a/Alldrops/*.drop.txt
         scgts4ag -O a/Allsmp -sigma -S %.smp.tse -n a/Alldrops/*.drop.txt
              In the second example, one of the sampling command path-and-file names
              will be  a/Allsmp/Onsala_AA_20130422a.drop.smp.tse
         scgts4ag -O a/Allsmp -sigma -S - -L 'G|B' -u -3900 -M .red -C G_red \

              will retrieve AG-data with the g-soft model applied (G_red)
              and SCG-data with the models applied (label GRAV|BRES). This exceptional
              content is emphasized with the mark ".red" in the resulting smp-file name. 
              By virtue of  -u -3900 , the SCG-values are in nm/s^2 and 3900 nm/s^2 is subtracted.
              The resulting smp-file is  ./a/Allsmp/
scgts4ag -no-prompt -upd 201502b -O a/Allsmp-s -always-enough \
         -SCG tmp/G1_g_%%%%%%-1s.ts -L NONE -E NONE -n -S %.smp.tse \
         a/Alldrops/*A?_201502*.drop.txt > ! scgts4ag.log
     uses un-besseled SCG-files (unlabeled ts-files =>
     that need no further lp-filtering (=>
-E NONE ) and puts the
     result files