tplist-project [options] <campaign> #part

            Extracts a project-wide section from a tp-file.
            Extracts project #part from this campaign
            The output file is named
     odir - can be defined with option -O (default o/]
 dropfile - taken from the feature table
       dt - the sampling interval
            (taken from ~/TD/a/Allcamps/campaigns.lst)
    label - taken from the tp-file and converted to lower-case
  -v      - Show the extracting tslist command, the output file name
            meter, platform, and orientation before exit.
  -V      - like -v, but don't execute the extraction step.
  -q      - Show the project drop file names of the campaign and exit.
            The command used for the purpose is
            the-project-files <campaign> | sed 's/\.smp/.txt/g'
  -t      - Like -q but in a lst-form
  -qq     - Print a short summary
  -L lab  - The label requested, if the tp-file has more than one
            data column. (Use `tslql' to find out.)   
            By default the first data column will be extracted.
  -O odir - Output to odir. Can be a (sub-) directory optionally
            followed by the file name's first part.
            Default is o/
  VAR     - The analysis variant. Needed to locate the feature table.
            setenv VAR -O-expf
            ts2tpmc rh04
            tplist-project -v -O o/ 201505a 2 o/scg-cal-merged$
            tplist-project -qq 201505a 2 o/scg-cal-merged$
  result:   Onsala_AA_20150507a.drop.txt FG5-233    AA      S    RH04    112455  117066
            <--------drop file---------> <meter> <Platf> <Orien> <lab>   <begin> <end>