ts2mc [-o mc-out] [-t] file_1 label_1 [ file_2 label_2 [ ... ]]


   Binds binary time-series files together into one binary
   multi-component file. How to create binary time-series files, c.f. tslist


-o filename     - output binary multi-component file

-t              - requests test mode (copy is not done)

file_n label_n  - files to copy to output in that order,
                  under the specified label.

                  we have a little convention for labels:
                  16 char long, semantic character groups
                  separated by underscores, no blanks.

                  If labels are shorter than 16 characters
                  they will be padded to that length using
                  underscore characters. They will be filled
                  into the first place where an underscore
                  is coded. Thus, specify
                     ABCD_VAL  and the system produces

The system will also understand the following syntax:

   ts2mc file_1 label_1 [...] file_n label_n mc-out