tsd [options] filename {headline|-} [namelist_param=value]


Time-series display using /sas/p/mg/sasm01.f

in a mode with reduced interactivity.
Input file must be binary, written with the OUTTS procedure.
Instruction input is included in this script. If data editing is needed
a forerunning  'tslist ...tsfedit,option] -o tmp.ts'  is recommended.

Graphic display and prompt is available; text prompts are removed.
Changing the screen setup must be done through a T command in the
graphic window.

filename  - binary file with time-series (usually.ts)

headline  - Comment on plot head. Default = file name.


 -l mc-target
         - For multi-component time-series, process the

           targetted segment.

 -L mc-target
         - ignore character case.

 -e filename { target] | - }
         - will call tsfedit with instructions read from the file.
           If target is not specified, reading will start at SPEC in the
           body of tsd before control is passed to the specified file
 -E ...  - same as -e

 -b n    - begin at this sample number.

 -n msg 
         - response to the second display-prompter, a string:

           #Nspf = Samples per frame,
           #Nf   = number of sub-frames,
           $c    = connection code

 -p #npal
         - Palette number [99]

 -P palfile[,#npal
         - Palette file and number


Namelist parameters in sasm01.f: 
      namelist  /param/ fmt,xmrs,xtst,trg,rec_mrs,date,itz,hdl
     &,         qdot,qpin,dt,nrcut, iutse
     &,         alfa,beta,units,khms,qtsf_edit,tsf_edit_name,nz
     &,         limerr,time,exactd,qcut_at_epoch,qdecd,iyear_ref
     &,         scl,qremdc,qbatch,q_orthodox_jd,file_position,file_eof
     &,         label_mc_out,qdbg,q_f_reopen,k_f_reopen,qpr
     &,         q_date_format, fmtd, q_brx, q_mwchars, mxsf
     &,         pal_file, upal, npal, ymin,ymax, qdt,dtr, qprompt
     &,         qstop, pstr,qstr,q_interactive,mjd, qdbg_tm
     &,         qpause_tm, q_shut_graphics, q_keep_graphics, cont_mc
     &,         q_many_xwindows

Of these, the following parameters may be interesting/useful
 q_many_xwindows, q_shut_graphics, q_keep_graphics
Connection and additional rendering options:
 C      - connected line
 +P -P  - draw pins yes | no, disables connected line
 +D -D  - draw dots yes | no
 +Y#v   - max Y, clipping level
 -Y#v   - min Y, clipping level. -Y must be specified after +Y
 +T -T  - mark time ticks also at the auxiliary grid lines.

Graphic window (not the complete set of options):

  The standard prompter:
    r     - repeat without question
    R     - repeat, prompting for the sample number for start and the msg string
    t T   - tick mark color
    < >   - move backward | forward with one length of window
    c C   - go to to cursor prompter
    p P   - go to palette prompter

  Cursor prompter:
    move the mouse pointer to a place and press ...
    <ESC> - back to the standard prompter 
    s     - will show time and ordinate in the lower right corner
    t     - will set a time mark and show time as vertical text next to the mark
    m     - will set a time mark and show time and ordinate in the lower right corner
    b e z - define selection: b for begin, e for End. Hit z to zoom up the selection.
            Instead of z you may press
            C for drawing a connected line or
            +P for pins.