tslist-app man page


         tslist-app [-test] [-over] tslist-options  \
                    [++ late-options] \
                    + file [-Llabel] [file [-Llabel] ...]
         append BIN ts files

         The first file right of the + sign is used as the
         primary input file to tslist
         A file tmp.tse will be created containing the
         TSF-EDIT commands for appending the other files.
 -test   - Show the command and the tse-file produced.
 -over   - The later file overwrites the previous.
         The file processing command in the tsf-edit file
         includes ${TSAPP_ROPT} last on the line.
         To e.g. remove a DC-level, setenv TSAPP_ROPT DC-
 -I      - recommended
 -Llabel - requested column of labeled files; remains the
           same in the entire set of input files unless
           other labels are specified in the set of files
         Reasonable to specify: -I -o out.ts
         -SO#value  - for scaling the output
         The options upto '+' (except -test and -over) are passed to tslist
         and placed before the internally generated tsf-edit option,
         the one that invokes the appending process.
         The options between '++' and '+' are passed over to tslist
         and placed after the tsf-edit append option.
         For instance, if tsf-edit actions are to be applied on the
         the result file, place them between ++ and +
  cd ~/Seismo/gcf
  tslist-app -O:`label SV,Z` d/tmp.mc -I +         \
     G2011.166/GCF.2011:166:00:[2-5]0:00.3U93Z2.ts \
     G2011.166/GCF.2011:166:0[1-9]:*.3U93Z2.ts     \
     G2011.166/GCF.2011:166:1[0-1]:*.3U93Z2.ts     \
will generate
  tslist G2011.166/GCF.2011:166:00:20:00.3U93Z2.ts \
         -O:SV_____________Z d/tmp.mc -I -Etmp.tse,A
  tslist-app -LZ -I -o appended.ts + \
     G2015.035/*00.3U93ENZ2-1Hz.mc \
will append over a day boundary. To run in a loop:
     foreach d ( `fromto 35 47` )
        set dd=`calc -f "%3.3i" $d` nd=`calc -f "%3.3i" $d +1`
        tslist-app -LZ -I -o G2015.$dd/GCF.2015:${d}:00:00:00.Z-24h-1Hz.ts + G2015.$dd/*00:00.3U93ENZ2-1Hz.mc \


  cd ~/TD
  rm d/g090701-140131-1h.mc
  tslist-app -O:`label GRAV,VAL` d/g090701-140131-1h.mc -LG -I \
            + d/g090701-130515-1h.mc d/g130516-140131-1h.mc
  tslist-app -O:`label BARO,VAL` d/g090701-140131-1h.mc -LB -I \
            + d/g090701-130515-1h.mc d/g130516-140131-1h.mc
will extend a measurement file with Gravity and Barometer for tide analysis.
  tslist-app -SO10. -I -o OSLVL-120929-140224-1h.ts \
             ++ -Erepair.tse,R \
             + OSLVL2012-1h.ts OSLVL2013-1h.ts OSLVL2014-1h.ts
will apply the repair.tse commands on the result of appending.