The bug of June 15, 2011

This is not a June bug but a (in German) Baumstinkwanze, probably Eurydema ornatum. Photographed in Sanssouci (!) Park Potsdam 2008 by your turbobugger. Those were the carefree days.

OLMPP computations were erroneous between June 15 and July 25, 2011 regardless of geographic location.

OLMPP computations failed in isolated cases even before that date, even long before that date. This affected only stations in the Pacific area. Unfortunately we cannot be more specific at the moment. The data that users received did not contain the effect of the nearby ocean loads.

The error consisted of a work area for coastline features that was dimension too small. Carelessly, the increase of the work area was not carried out in all of the necessary subroutines.

We, Hans-Georg Scherneck and Machiel Bos, ask humbly for your mercy; please accept our regrets for causing additional work.
Gothenburg and Porto, 2011-07-27
Hans-Georg and Machiel