File utilities

Mostly for SCG purposes. File utilities at the catalog level.
For content related routines, visit TS-utils.html

nextfile        /home/hgs/bin        Return the file name of the next (or another day at a given span)
                                     nextfile +1 RAW_o054/A1120101.054

missing-files   /home/hgs/TD         Show missing (or existing) daily files
                                     missing-files -d 120109 -v d/

whats-there     /home/hgs/TD         Similar to missing-files
                                     whats-there -m d/G1_garb_ 11 1,365

rmdup           /home/hgs/bin        Remove compressed or uncompressed duplicates
                                     rmdup -c -x RAW_o054/*.054

scpe            /home/hgs/TD         Copy files from archive "Elder"
                                     scpe -R '??11041*.*'