TS utilities

See documentation TSL-family for the basic routines.

This is very inclomplete. The aim is to collect scripts that may be useful in a range of contexts.
Also other utilities dealing with BIN-ts files.

Some auxiliaries:

label       - produce tslist mc-label text       
              USAGE:  -O:`label GRAV,VAL`

              HELP:   label -h

ts-contract-gaps   - mainly for plotting purposes  
HELP:   ts-contract-gaps -h

In project ~/TD:

p4app      - assists in appending ts files from GWR ascii.
               USAGE: (1) tsf2ts-decim [options] `p4app -n#days ts-to-be-appended`
                      (2) p4app -A
ts-to-be-appended [tslist options]
                HELP:  p4app -h
             EXAMPLE:  tsf2ts-decim -w -o d/ -c 3 `p4app -n 2 d/G1_gab_110601-60s.mc `

unshuffle  - ASCII records that went into the wrong day file.
             (ASCII output from tsf2ts-decim, 1-s sampling)
             USAGE:  cat files | unshuffle dir/xxYYMM##zz
             LOCATION: ~/sas/p/m/unshuffle.f

In project ~/wx/MAREO:

list-oso-mareo - retrieve OSO-mareograph data, ASCII output
               USAGE:  list-oso-mareo -qqq -C3 + 2012-07-20 2012-07-30
                HELP:  list-oso-mareo -h
              EXAMPLE, BIN-output with decimation to 1h: 
                       list-oso-mareo -qqq
-E ~/TD/deci.tse,60 -I -o file.ts + 2012-07-20 2012-07-30
              EXAMPLE, BIN-output without decimation:                                                             
                       set binf = ( `list-oso-mareo 2012-07-20 2012-07-21` ); echo $binf[1]

In project ~/Seismo/gcf: