OTEQ on froste or holt:

Hints for executing

Include in path


Documentation in

The following is obsolete (sadly!)

     nes  filename.doc
to read.  nes  is aliased to  'nes     nedit -geometry 760x480 -fn spc08x14h !* >& /dev/null &'

Now, instead, copy the doc down to a Windows environment and use QuickViewPlus to view the doc in MS-DOS character mode.

Or, in the Cygwin console window, e.g.

LANG=C.CP437 more /home/hgs/OTEQ/DOC/otem16.doc

Some Cygwin users say the terminal program rxvt would be able to use Lucida Console fonts or (Visual Studio) Consolas fonts embellished with line-drawing characters. No success on that yet. 

The path to the executables must be included in your path variable.
  setenv path ( $path  /home/hgs/OTEQ/bin )

Call execution of programs while standing at the current directory one level above the
model directory. (This directory contains *.pal and *.env files). If you are hgs you would
    cd  /home/hgs/OTEQ

and invoke instruction files with
     program MDL##/

Models in


Actual source code in
/home/hgs/OTEQ/s (subroutines) and  /home/hgs/OTEQ/CREATE,  - /PREP, - /EXEC, - /LOAD, -  /UTL  etc. (mains)
(some main programs' source code is kept as an original backup in  /home/hgs/PC/OTEQ (PC = symbolic link to /data1/hgs/utter/gamlanore/geo/hgs/PC ))

Executables in

Original source code repository as copied from the 386-PC:
Name 'PC' can be interpreted as Program Catalogue if you like.

Ancillary routines, copied earlier for use with programs olfg and olmpp
(OBS! they might be incompatible; the calling routines might have to be adapted (!)):

Utilities (shell scripts) in /home/hgs/OTEQ/bin

OC   - communicate with otemt1/tteq:
       send a control key (instead of keyboard poll on PC)
       (Spell control keys "hat-key" as e.g. ^T)

EVL  - Evload time series utility

TGL  - TGG tide gauge time series utility

pbplot - Using GMT to plot model's passive boundaries

solplot - Using GMT to plot harmonic tide solutions

and more. A couple of executable routines are found only in /home/hgs/bin